Péter Győrfi-Bátori

"I have been a wedding photographer for 8 years – 4 years as the founder and photographer of PurePhoto. I spend every minute of my life making photos: I could not do anything else as I have found my passion for wedding photography. I am also very lucky because when I am not working I spend time with my wife who helps and supports me in everything. As they say: "Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” I hope we can meet in person soon."

Balázs Farkas

"At the very moment I first held a camera in my hands I knew it's going to be a lifelong commitment. Photography isn't only a job for me. It's my passion, my joy, and my secret place where I can go to, whatever happens. Ever since I've started wedding photography I feel complete, because it's an incredible feeling to witness two beautiful souls' happiness. Can't wait to meet you!"

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